The Little House With The Blue Door

Court Young
2 min readMar 8, 2022
Photo by Katarzyna Pracuch on Unsplash

It’s morning, early

that quiet, still time before the world stirs

and I’m sitting on our blue couch in the living room

waiting for my coffee to brew

listening as the birds wake

smiling softly at the pink flowers

blooming on the tree just outside our window

feeling the warmth of the sun as light peeks through the blinds

and realizing how perfect this quirky house is

and I knew when I stepped in it

it would be someplace magical

and it is

and I feel alive

I feel light

deep in my soul

and I love this life I’ve built

and who I’ve built it with.

Because now I get to be here with him

the sweet pup sitting by our blue front door

and I don’t care what people say but animals have souls

and they should all be treasured.

Many don’t know

but I got a dog with an ex

and when we broke up

I let her go

I let her leave with him

that day cracked my heart

split it wide open

it hurt more to leave her than to leave him

and I never thought I’d love a dog the same way again

but now I get to love

this special pup —

we have the same blue eyes

the same jealous tendencies

both of us quite full of anxiety

and I’ve never met a dog before

who was so much like me.

We go for drives to nowhere

or to the post office

or to the coffee shop downtown

windows open, the breeze blowing in our faces

and I see what it’s like

to just enjoy life

and live in the moment

through his eyes.

With all this love around me

I’m happy

and finally content

in this little house with the blue door

knowing there’s even more magic waiting ahead.

Originally published on Thought Catalog.



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