Our Personalized Wedding Details

Court Young
3 min readJun 12, 2024
It’s the little things.

The love of my life and I were married this May. As the Pinterest-loving, detail-oriented, type A girl that I am, I had a million ideas of all the cool designs I wanted to incorporate into our special day. These were my favorites:

Personalized Prosecco Bottle Labels

For our wedding, we provided a lot of our own alcohol. To cut costs, and because it’s also delicious, we used Costco’s Kirkland brand Prosecco. I wanted to find another way to spice up the Kirkland label though and decided to create our own personalized one!

Can you even tell it’s Kirkland? HAH

I designed this 5x3 label on Canva, printed them through my favorite sticker company, Sticker Mule*, and then placed them on the bottles. Easy peasy (and cute)!

*If you use the above link for Sticker Mule, you get a $10 credit towards your purchase.

Sticker Favors

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but weddings guests generally do not want favors that are personalized with the wedding couple’s information. Wedding favors with the couple’s initials or names (unless they are a food item) do not matter to anyone but the couple.

Our wedding favors table

For our favors, we had two food products (local honey and jams) and a truck sticker. Location stickers are super popular and I wanted our guests to be able to bring back a piece of Swannanoa, North Carolina with them. Plus it was another way I was able to incorporate the vintage 1950s Ford truck (our reception photo prop/photo booth) into our wedding.

I make stickers and used to sell them on Etsy (the shop is currently on a break), so I knew I had to make something for our wedding. I used Procreate to draw the truck and had them printed through Sticker Mule.

Personalized To-Go Containers for Desserts

Procreate is my best friend. I designed another sticker and made labels out of them. For awhile I thought I was going to put these on the backs of our invitation envelopes, but when I decided to do wax seals for those instead (looking back, I’m not sure if I’d recommend that!), I had to find a new use for these.

I think the stickers jazzed the containers up a bit!

Enter, to-go containers. Our dessert was a cutting cake and cupcakes in a variety of flavors. We went this route instead of a traditional wedding cake because we really wanted a mix of flavors (so hopefully there was something for everyone) AND our caterer’s cakes were so good that we couldn’t decide on just one flavor. Because we were doing cupcakes, I knew folks would want to take some with them, so I order a few containers off of Amazon and found a new job for my stickers.

Planning a wedding is fun AND incredibly stressful. Things will inevitably go wrong but at the end of the day, you get to marry the love of your life. And that’s something worth celebrating.

To all the brides going through it right now — YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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