Photo by the author (yes that’s me!)

A surprise question

on bended knee

an invitation to always be

a part of this family.

The wind’s caressing graze

on shaking hands

as cathedral bells ring

and beams of light

irradiate my favorite bridge.

We walk confidently

into our future

under the promise of

the one-hundred-year stone

now resting on my finger.



Photo by __ drz __ on Unsplash

Butterflies spill out of your mouth

fluttering the flames of my fragile ego

you know how to cast me under your spell

and I, helpless,

am unable to break free of your grasp

and release myself from your claws

until I learned that your power

came not from you

but from the insecurities within myself.

Your hold on me

and what I thought was love and romance

and a lusty fairytale

was all an artful deception.

You taste of autumn and broken promises

and you made me a ghost of a woman.

But I can break free of these chains for I

and only I

have the radiant power to start anew

and to begin again.



Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

You picked me up

like your favorite coffee cup

long forgotten

sitting at the back of the cupboard

a little worn, a little dusty.

A blue ceramic glaze

cool against your lips

as you take a sip

drink me in darling.

Nestled in your strong hands

I felt safe

I felt secure

until I slipped from your grip

and I shattered into

a million pieces.

And now you’ve found

a new cup

to replace me.

It was too easy

for you to throw

my jagged pieces of clay away.